Can Garlic Lower Blood Pressure ?

Can garlic lower blood pressure - Garlic and hypertension

 «  It is often said that garlic has many therapeutic properties and it lowers blood pressure.

I have hypertension and I want to know if this is true. Is garlic a real natural antihypertensive ?

If yes, how much garlic should I eat? »

What many scientific studies have revealed

Some scientific studies have demonstrated that garlic (Allium sativum) does lower blood pressure.

These studies have revealed that by certain criteria (which we will talk about later) garlic reduces systolic blood pressure a little by an average of 5 to 8 mm Hg (systolic pressure is the maximum blood pressure taken while the heart contracts. In a healthy person is approximately 120 millimeters of mercury or mm Hg).

There was also a decrease in diastolic pressure, but to a lesser extent (This is the minimum blood pressure taken while the heart relaxes. In a healthy person it is about 80 millimeters of mercury or mm Hg ).

Garlic and its components

Garlic contains over 100 different chemicals. Some of the components responsible for the reduction of blood pressure are :

• Gamma-glutamyl peptides and flavonoids

• Magnesium

• Phosphorus

• Adenosine

• Allicin

• Sulfides

Some details about these components :

The gamma-glutamyl peptides act as Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, just as medicines as Lopril ®, Innovace ®, Zestril ®, Triatec ®…

Magnesium meanwhile blocks calcium channels just as the pharmaceutical specialties Adalat ®, Loxen ®, Isoptine ® …

Allicin, which originates from the conversion of alliin by the enzyme allinaise, is a sulfur component destroyed by heat and, is found only in the raw freshly cut or crushed garlic.

Diallyl sulfide is another component which is fortunately not damaged by heat and also allows the dilation of the arteries which helps to lower blood pressure.

Quantities of cloves garlic beneficial for a hypertensive person

There are over 700 varieties of garlic and it seems that wild garlic is one of the varieties most beneficial to fight against hypertension. At present, we do not know if there is a difference between cooked and raw garlic. (We said that allicin does not stand heat but by itself, it does not contribute to reducing tension!)

Studies have concluded that 10,000 micrograms (or 0.01 g) of allicin daily can lower blood pressure. This corresponds to taking 4 garlic cloves.

Garlic natural remedy and Cons

It may surprise you, but taking garlic can cause undesirable side effects in combination with certain medications. For example, when combined with anticoagulants, spontaneous bleeding may occur. Garlic may prevent some immunosuppressants from acting correctly. Being hypoglycemic, garlic can affect type I diabetics who take insulin.

On the other hand, do not take large amounts of garlic before and after an operation, because its lightly anticoagulant effect may increase bleeding. It is the same if you are taking aspirin.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Garlic can in no way be a substitute for the medicines prescribed by your doctor. Nevertheless, it is very useful, not only as a condiment, but otherwise as a natural remedy in helping to moderately lower blood pressure.

If you are determined to lower your blood pressure naturally by benefiting from the healing properties of garlic, I advise you to combine it with two other hypotensive herbs. This are the olive (Olea europaea) and hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna / leavigata ).

There are capsules that combine the advantages of the three plants for best results on the controlling of blood pressure and have no taste or smell. Garlic – Olive – Hawthorn capsules

Author : Alexis ROGER

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