Tips on How to Get Pregnant Faster - Quiz

Tips on How to Get Pregnant Faster


Pregnancy is a wonderful and critical time in a woman’s life.

Injustice seems appear when some women can get pregnant so quickly while others find it pretty challenging.


Are you part of the second group of women ?

Have you been trying to have a baby for quite a long time without success ?

You surely are interested in knowing how to get pregnant fast.


Find out how to get pregnant faster and naturally by means of a helpful and instructive quiz.

1) What is the best and favorable sexual position when trying to get pregnant faster ?


According to the Holy Scriptures we were created with the privilege to procreate: ‘Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth’. True, we didn’t receive an instruction manual on how to make love. Actually, copulation is something natural that does not need guidance.


Biology helps you to understand that whatever the sexual position you take, the approximately 300 million sperms released will swim upstream through the female reproductive tract with the purpose to fertilize the single egg. Then, are there some sex positions to get pregnant faster ?


In fact, Scientists say that there isn’t a special sexual position to help you conceive faster. Nevertheless, they say that the missionary position where the man is lying on top of his partner and both face each other would be able to help sperm to head towards the uterus and the fallopian tubes with more ease. Some gynecologists and doctors say that the doggy style can also maximize sperms chances of meeting and fertilizing the egg.


2) If I stand on my head after having sex can I get pregnant faster ?


You are smart! Immediately after sex you would like to use the gravity force to your advantage in order that the sperm could stay long enough in the entrance of the womb or cervix. It’s quite a good idea but there is something easier to do with the same purpose.


Straightaway after having sexual intercourse, you can just place a pillow under your buttocks and lay there for approximately 30 minutes so that sperm doesn’t come out. That should help !


3) What is the best time to get pregnant ?


Ovulation occurs when an egg is released from the ovary about 14 days before your next menstrual period begins (In some cases, it may be between 12 and 18).


Let’s take a simple example: if your menstrual cycle is a 29-day one, day #15 could be your most fertile day. The egg stays alive for about 24 hours once released from the ovary. What about sperm ? It can stay alive inside a woman’s body during at least 72 hours (in some cases: 6 to 7 days).


If you have sex before or after ovulation occurs, you can get pregnant, since the live semen is already inside your body when ovulation occurs.


Are you aware when you are ovulating ? Learn to listen to your body ! Often, slight abdominal pains from the area around the ovary which is ovulating may be perceived.

4) Is it necessary to have orgasm in females in order to conceive a baby ?


Conception and orgasm are obviously two different things. It is not necessary for a woman to have an orgasm to conceive a baby but it helps to increase your chance to get pregnant faster. How then ?


A female organism or climax occurs with uterine contractions and the movements of the muscles in the uterus help the sperm to be propelled, going up to the egg.


5) Is stress an obstacle to pregnancy ?


Dying to get pregnant is probably an obstacle to conceive a baby quickly. A woman explained: « I was so stressed out trying to get pregnant that the more I thought about it the more sick I felt to my stomach. My period was 2 days late ».


Try to reduce the level of stress as much as possible because stress does affect the menstrual cycle, causing you to ovulate later or not at al l! Don’t stress over the idea of becoming pregnant. Be confident !


6) I love coffee and tea. Does caffeine decrease the odds of conceiving ?


Caffeine consumption should be avoided. Why ? Some scientific studies have revealed that there is a connection between high caffeine intake and a delay in conception.


If you love coffee, try not consuming more than one cup of brewed coffee each day. Men can also be affected. The quality and quantity of sperm can be reduced in those who consume caffeine.

7) Should I stop smoking if I am trying to get pregnant quickly ?


It happens to many women who smoke cigarettes to get pregnant. Nevertheless, smoking diminishes significantly your chances of getting pregnant. « It can dramatically reduce both male and female fertility and it really impacts conception rates, » says Frederick Licciardi, MD, associate director of reproductive endocrinology at NYU Medical Center and associate professor at the NYU School of Medicine. It’s far better to cut down on smoking !


The Getting Pregnant Plan


How did you find these practical tips ? May be you have already put in practice a few of these counsels in vain. Would you like to discover a comprehensive and successful plan or method in order to get pregnant fast ? Are there other tricks or even methods to boost the fertility and give you more chances to get pregnant faster ?


_ Do you often ask yourself « Why can’t I get pregnant! ? » I remember asking myself, says Michelle, this same question month after month. I thought I was doing everything right, I tried relaxing more, not thinking about it so much, exercised more, saw specialists and yet I wasn’t pregnant. _


Fortunately, Michelle finally gave birth to a son at the age of 39 following a plan that worked within just 4 months. Feel free to read all about this Getting Pregnant Plan that helped Michelle so much !

The Getting Pregnant Plan


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