Apple Mask for Blackheads – Face Mask Recipe

Apple mask for blackheads - Face mask recipe to tighten pores

Many people, young and adults, complain of constantly having dilated pores, oily skin which is littered with grainy blackheads, on the nose in particular. If this is true in your case, you would like to know of a natural method to tighten the pores and to avoid the massive outbreak of blackheads.

The use of home-made beauty recipes are being found to be more and more successful in cosmetology, because they contain exclusively natural products and are inexpensive.

In this article, we will find out the benefits of an apple mask.

Try this apple face mask recipe so easy to make at home, in the evening when you return from work or school.

Apple Mask for Blackheads

Recipe for a home-made apple beauty mask

Ingredients :

➤ 1 green organic Apple

➤ 1 tablespoon natural yoghurt

➤ 2 teaspoons lemon juice

➤ 1 tablespooon honey

How to prepare the natural apple mask :

Grate a green organic apple with its skin or blend it in a blender. And mix the grated apple with a heaped spoonful of natural yoghurt, two tablespoons of lime juice and one tablespoon of honey.

Instructions for the apple beauty mask :

Apply the mask to the face and to the other body parts that have blackheads.

Caution: Be careful allow the home made beauty mask to touch the eyes or the mucosa. Its acidic! Leave the beauty mask on to act for 5-15 minutes. The time should be adjusted according to the sensitiveness of your skin.

Important : If you have sensitive or hyper sensitive skin, add a very little amount of water(1/2 spoonful) or add no lemon while preparing and then leave on the face for 5 short minutes.

Properties of apple masks

Have you ever noticed that the apple is often one of the ingredients of many creams, milks, gels, shampoos and other cosmetic products? In the era of synthetic organic chemicals, why are cosmetologists so interested in a lowly fruit such as the apple ?

We will discover the properties of apple and other ingredients contained in this beauty recipe. Let us see why this mask is so effective in cosmetology to treat blackheads.

The apple is naturally rich in provitamins A, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C. It contains such mineral salts as calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, sulphur and very little sodium. This Fruit also contains pectin, tannin, and a great quantity of enzymes. We could add malic, citric and salicylic acid to the list.

➤ Cleaning properties :

Honey possesses antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral and healing properties which help to destroy ‘acnes propiones’ an acne-causing bacteria. The yoghurt also has the benefit of cleansing the skin and in desincrusting the pores as in skin tending to be oily or dry. Pectins, soluble fibres contained in the apple produces on contact with the skin a protective layer which averts and hinders the growth of microorganisms.

➤ Antiseborrheic properties :

The alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) contained in the apple and lemon juice halts the re-oiling of the skin caused by excessive secretions of the sebaceous glands. It also facilitates the elimination of sebum and blackheads. These natural fruit acids also help cell renewal and regeneration.

➤ Astringent properties of anti-acne treatment masks :

The tannins present in the apple are astringent substances in tightening the skins tissues by a vasoconstrictive effect in reducing sebum secretion. The apple is thus an important part of this home-made recipe because it allows the tightening of the open pores and averts blackhead growth. The tannins are also anti-inflammatory agents which hinders the already-formed comedones or blackheads from becoming inflamed at the pilosebaceous follicles. The yoghurt also has an astringent effect on the dermis. The lemon also has astringent and scrub effects. It even tightens dilated pores.

➤ Exfoliating properties :

The alpha hydroxy acids(AHAs), like citric acid, contained in the apples and lemons are natural substances that can gently detach the dead cells from the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis).

➤ Moisturizing Properties :

Pectin possesses also the peculiarity of retaining water, and is an moisturising agent. The AHA which we have already mentioned are also moisturizing agents often used in home-made masks for this purpose. These last ones also soothes sensitive skin.

➤ Tonifying properties :

Organic honey increases the tonicity of the skin. It nourishes it by bringing it the nutritive elements.

Author : Alexis ROGER

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