Does Facial Steaming Help Acne and Blackheads ?

Natural way to remove blackheads - Facial steaming to get rid of acne

Are you looking for a natural way to remove black spots or blackheads on the face ? Blackheads affect from young teenagers to adults with oily skin. Women also suffer from acne during menses or pregnancy.

The parts of the face most exposed to black spots are the forehead, the nose, and the chin (the famous T-zone where the activities of the sebaceous glands are most important!) The blackheads are the open comedones.

What is a comedo ? A comedo or blackhead is an accumulation of fatty matter (sebum) and dead cells that obstruct or close a pore of the skin. When the comedo is closed, it’s a white spot. When it is opened this mass of sebum oxidizes with contact with the air and changes colour : it becomes black !

Let’s see a natural way to remove blackheads using steam on your face.

Facial steam treatment to get rid of blackheads

1. ► Wash the face with 35% Alep soap and rinse with tepid (lukewarm) water.

** Properties of Alep soap : This soap is composed uniquely of vegetable oils: olive oil and 35% laurel berry oil. The soaps containing animal fats are not to be used because they normally obstruct the pores. Olive oil, on the other hand, nourishes and softens. Laurel Oil re-establishes the skin’s hydrolipidic protective layer, which is most important in avoiding stimulating the sebaceous glands.

In addition, Alep Soap also has antiseptic and healing properties beneficial for treating acne and purifying the blackheads. Alep Soap is recommended for acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is a natural soap with the advantage of not irritating the skin and one that helps combat dry skin.

2. ►Massage lightly the whole surface of the face with an argan oil to soften and relax the skin and its pores.

** Properties of natural Argan Oil : Biological Argan Oil is very rich in Vitamin E, in omega 6, in sterols, in polyphenols and vitamin C. Argan oil also hydrates, nourishes, softens, regenerates and smoothes the skin. It has also anti-oxidizing benefits. Its smell is not pleasant but the main thing one looks for is the effective treatment, isn’t it ?

3. ► Drop 4 to 5 drops Clary Sage Essence oil (Salvia Sclarea) in a large container previously filled with boiling water.

4. ► Place the container on a table and hold your face at about 20 cm above the container in such a way that the ascending vapours can act on the pores of your face. For best results, cover the head with a towel in order to direct the vapours directly toward the face. Stay in this position for about 5 minutes.

** Properties of Sage Essence Oil : Sage Essence oil acts as an antiseptic (antibacterial and antiviral) on the pores of the skin and on the acne pimples. It is also able to control and regulate sebum secretion.

*** Warning: This oil is not advised for pregnant women or nursing mothers. If you are pregnant ,please choose the lavender essence oil which also has antimicrobial properties.

5. ► Scrubbing the Skin. Remove the black spots by exerting a gentle pressure with the tips of the fingers, previously washed with soap and water (most importantly without using the nails). The comedones can also be manually improved by pressure with the aid of tweezers.

6. ► After having extracted the blackheads, wash the face with the same soft Alep Soap.

7. ► Apply an astringent mint gel to close the pores. This lotion is then refreshing and contributes to tightening the pores dilated by heat. The mint also has antibacterial properties.


This facial steam treatment turns out to be very effective if practiced every 3 days by someone suffering from blackheads on the face. Of course you need persistence, because this method will naturally require quite a bit of your time. But the efforts are worth the inconvenience, believe me!

In addition,100% natural cosmetic treatment has a double advantage: the principal treatment of blackheads and white spots as well as that of acne pimples if one has them.

Author : Alexis ROGER

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