Artichoke and Indigestion - Bloating Stomach Natural Remedy

Artichoke and Indigestion
Do you feel a heaviness in the stomach after meals as, well as a slow emptying of the stomach? If so, you are a victim of stomach bloating (also called meteorism or aerogastria).


The bloating felt in the stomach is characterized by a sensation of swelling and distension of the stomach and gives the urge to belch or burp.
Sometimes this problem of poor digestion is accompanied by malaise, flatulence (gas expulsion through the anus), nausea, vomiting, cramps in the digestive tract or drowsiness.

How can these everyday ailments of the stomach and the accompanying discomfort be avoided? Is there a natural, simple and safe remedy for treating indigestion? Fortunately, Mother Nature always gives us great service. The artichoke is the ideal vegetable to remove this gastric dysfunction.


Bloating Stomach And Gall Bladder Dysfunction


Fats and oils are more difficult to digest than other nutrients because they do not naturally dissolve in the gastric contents. They require the help of the bile to be emulsified, or finely divided into droplets.

Bile is produced by the liver, stored in the gallbladder and released into the intestine at mealtimes.

When the gallbladder does not release enough bile, the digestion is slow and can cause the symptoms described above.


Artichoke And Cynarin – Properties and Medicinal Virtues


The artichoke (Cynara scolymus) contains a bitter substance called cynarin (or dicafeylquinic acid) having cholagogic (facilitating the removal of bile), choleretic (stimulating the production of bile from the liver), antiemetic (prevents vomiting), hypocholesterolemic (lowering the blood cholesterol) and hepato-protective (regenerating liver cells and protect the liver against the harmful effects of toxins).


Clinical studies have confirmed the fact that the extract of artichoke leaves considerably improves digestion and liver function.

On the other hand, the extract of artichoke leaves purifies the body by getting rid of toxins (detoxifying and diuretic).

Some authors claim that the artichoke can also lower the level of sugar in the blood (hypoglycemic) which contribute to naturally treating people with mild diabetes.


Contraindications of the Artichoke


Gallstones or biliary obstruction because artichoke stimulates the production of bile.


Combination of Plant Extracts for Better Digestion


There is a food supplement in capsules, specially designed and recommended for people suffering from digestive problems or in the case of over-eating (after a hearty meal).

This remedy is a 100% natural extract of artichoke leaves, horseradish roots, and rosemary.


Other Natural Remedies against a Difficult Digestion


Enzymes help break down food into absorbable nutrients. Proteolytics break down proteins (protease, bromelain, papain), glucolytics break down carbohydrates (amylase : starch, lactase : lactose , cellulase : cellulose – component of plant cell walls ), lipolytics break down lipids (lipase).


A British laboratory has developed a dietary supplement containing digestive enzymes and plant extracts of digestive plants: Artichoke, Fennel, Ginger and Mint.


Author : Alexis ROGER

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