Yarrow for Menstruation - Hypermenorrhea & Amenorrhea

Yarrow for Menstruation


Do you suffer from abnormal menstruation ?

Are you looking for a natural remedy, an herb to treat and correct menstrual disorders smoothly ?

This article aims to introduce you to an extraordinary medicinal plant capable of treating abnormal periods.

This is a very common perennial in Europe and North America called Yarrow.

Before describing the therapeutic characteristics of Yarrow, it would be appropriate to explain what is meant by ‘abnormal menstruation’.

Definition of Abnormal Menstruation


Heavy periods, lack of periods outside of pregnancy or menopause, irregular periods, too early menarche or late bleeding outside the rules, and menstrual cramps are all symptoms of abnormalities of the menstrual cycle.


Here is a list of specific terms used in medical jargon to signal a symptom of abnormal menstruation.

• Hypermenorrhea : Abnormally heavy (with a total menstrual blood loss exceeding 80 ml) and sometimes extended periods (polymenorrhoea). Hypermenorragia and menorrhagia are two medical terms better known as hemorrhagic periods.

• Amenorrhea : No periods or menstruation in a woman of childbearing age. Most often, pregnancy is the cause.

• Metrorrhagia : Excessive bleeding of uterine origin occurring outside the menses.

• Dysmenorrhea : Painful menstruation.

• Spotting : Bleeding reduced in its abundance (drop by drop).


When should you see a gynecologist ?


Know that a lasting or repeated anomaly in periods justifies a medical consultation. The gynecologist will conduct a detailed order to diagnose the cause gynecological examination.


Abnormal Menstruation, Phytotherapy and Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium)

Natural medicine and especially herbal medicine (treatment with plants) renders a great service to women with a somewhat abnormal menstrual cycle.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), also called St. John’s herb and cut grass, is a medicinal plant with white, pinkish or yellow flowers, belonging to the Compositae family, which abounds in meadows, in rockeries , roadsides and fields of grain.

The use of the flowering tops of the plant or a herbal sitz bath has proved very effective in regulating the capricious menstrual cycle of many women.

Properties of Yarrow – Menstrual Disorders Herbal Remedy


Yarrow is both a general hemostatic capable of stopping severe bleeding (the anticoagulant action of the alkaloid Achilleine ) and an emmenagogue that promotes periods. This plant also has an antispasmodic (relaxes certain muscles) and anti-inflammatory effect.


Yarrow has, therefore, interesting medicinal properties for regulating the menstrual cycle. It is a natural remedy to treat bleeding (blood loss between periods), hemorrhagic or menorrhagic periods (abnormally heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding), amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain with severe cramping as spasms in the lower abdomen), inflammation of the ovaries, uterine congestion and pelvic pain.


On the other hand, yarrow contains phytosterols with a progesterone effect that stimulate progesterone secretion and help to balance high levels of estrogen in the blood, responsible sometimes for fibroids and ovarian cysts.


Yarrow is a useful phytotherapeutic remedy in the of pre-menopausal stage when there are hemorrhages during menstruation sometimes, and also in the case of hot flashes (in this case, to be drank in a cold infusion).


Instructions for Use and Dosage


1) Infusion or yarrow tea: Infuse for 5 minutes a teaspoon of dry plant in 250 ml of boiling water. Drink a cup of herbal tea 3 times daily between meals.

2) Sitz bath (external use): Infuse 100 g of the dried plant in 1 liter of water, then dilute with 19 liters of warm or hot water. Pour the liquid into a bidet, a cup or a bowl and sitting down, immerse the pelvic region up to the hips. The sitz bath lasts about ten minutes and is effective in relieving dysmenorrhea (pain bleeding), pelvic pain, premenstrual or menstrual abdominal pain.

3) Tincture : 20-30 drops 3 times a day between meals.

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4) Essential Oil: The internal use of essential oil of yarrow should be carried out under the supervision of a certified aromatherapist. Never apply the essential oils externally on the skin or mucous membranes without previous dilution. Again, the services of a professional in aromatherapy are highly recommended.


Yarrow Herbal Remedy – Special Precautions, Side Effects and Warnings


Precautions: Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Side Effects: The use of yarrow can cause hives in sensitive persons. Prolonged use of Yarrow may cause photosensitivity of the skin in some people. Therefore, it is advisable not to exceed 15 days of treatment.

Dangers: At high doses, the therapeutic usage of yarrow can have neurotoxic and abortive effects. This is why the use of this herb is warned against in pregnant or epilepsy. Lactating women and children should also refrain from using the Yarrow in alternative medicine.


Author : Alexis ROGER


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