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Vitamins for Weight Loss



You are concerned about your excess weight, which is quite understandable.

Excess weight leads to many health problems.

You are looking for a diet or a natural and safe way to lose a few pounds.

Is it true that eating many more fruits may help a man or a woman to lose weight or to lose abdominal fat?


Lose Weight by Eating More Fruits – Testimony of a Woman


 » For a long time, I wrongly thought that fruits were ‘sworn enemies’ of all those wanting to lose extra pounds because they contain sugars and a lot of calories. However, on the advice of a friend, I agreed to change my diet by eating more fruits with appetite-suppressing properties, especially before meals. It helped me to lose 3 pounds in 1 month » _ Adele M.



Vitamins for Weight Loss – Vitamin C Promotes Weight Loss


Most fruits help one to lose weight because they are rich in vitamin C. Several international studies have shown that vitamin C or ascorbic acid promotes weight loss. Increased intake of vitamin C in a conventional diet improves the body’s ability to oxidize fat.


Professor Carol Johnson has pointed out that 30 % of Americans have an insufficient blood concentration of vitamin C. What about the French, Canadians, and other global populations? One thing is certain: many people do not include enough fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in their daily menu!


This may be ONE of the many factors behind weight gain in some people!


How Does Vitamin C Help You Lose Weight ?


How can Vitamin C contribute to shed pounds in the medium and long term? The mechanism of action of vitamin C in weight loss and body fat is still unclear!


According to Professor Carol Johnson, vitamin C plays a fundamental role in the synthesis of L-carnitine (also called vitamin B11 or Bt).


What is carnitine? It is a peptide produced in the liver and kidneys from two amino acids: lysine and methionine. It has been said for many years that carnitine is a natural fat burner. Indeed, according to many biochemists, L-carnitine ‘s main role is to transport fatty acids (fats) in the body to the mitochondria, the famous microscopic plants located in cells that convert food into energy molecules (ATP).


But this explanation of carnitine ‘fat burn’ is now challenged by new research! But does the controversy on the slimming virtues of carnitine also challenge the properties of Vitamin C in oxydizing fats? Not necessarily!


It only remains to see how vitamin C acts in metabolizing lipids. Meanwhile, nothing prevents you from increasing the intake of vitamin C in your diet. There is no danger and this can only be beneficial for your overall health.


List of the 13 Best Fruits to Lose a Few Pounds


The following list consists of fruits rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, and water. These fruits aid weight loss because they are low in calories and have appetite-suppressing and depurative properties.


List of ‘slimming’ fruits : Pineapple, watermelon, melon, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, apples, papayas, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, pears and kiwi.


Avoid eating the same fruits each week. It is best to vary the fruits you eat every day.


Fruits and Negative Calories – What Is This ?


The concept of negative calorie refers to foods that burn more energy during digestion than the energy which they are able to provide the body. It is estimated that the fruits listed above are some of the negative-calorie foods.


This concept is very attractive yet considered as simplistic. So far, the international scientific community rejects its merits.


The Role of Fiber in a Weight-Loss Diet


Fibers that contain the fruits mentioned above have the advantage of promoting satiety and delaying hunger pangs, consequently limiting the risk of overeating and preventing the risk of overweight and obesity.


Author : Alexis ROGER

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