10 Tips to Reduce Stress - Ten Ways to Ease Stress

10 Tips to Reduce Stress


Are you having difficulty in managing stress ?

Stress is not a disease, but in the long term, it may be partly responsible for the appearance of certain diseases.

The first step in reducing stress is working to reduce stressful situations in your life. But that’s not all !

10 tips and tricks, simple and natural strategies which are very effective to relieve stress and keep a cool head.

1. Try to laugh regularly


A good laugh has great effects on the body and mind. Scientists have learned that laughter stimulates many organs. Laughter improves the intake of oxygen-rich air. It stimulates the lungs, the heart (an increased heart rate and blood pressure) and the muscles (muscle relaxation). Laughter is also responsible for the increased release of endorphins in the brain which cause pleasure and euphoria. Laughter procures, therefore, a feeling of relaxation and greatly reduces stress. It reduces tensions.


What can you do ? Watch your favorite comedy films, converse with your friends and family and tell yourself jokes. There is nothing as simple and natural as laughter for relieving stress.


2. Drink the juices of fruits rich in vitamin C


The researchers say that the vitamin C present in orange juice can actually help you to manage stress better because it reduces stress hormone levels especially cortisol. Remember that fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, or vegetables such as red peppers not only strengthen your immune system but can also reduce stress.


What can you do ? Drink plenty of fruit juice rich in vitamin C or buy a vitamin C tablet.


3. Spend time with your pet


Scientific studies show that when you pet your dog or cat, even for a few minutes, your body releases feel-good hormones capable of relieving stress quickly. According to a study from the University of Missouri-Columbia, petting a dog for just 15 minutes releases well-being hormones such as serotonin, prolactin, oxytocin and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.


What can you do ? If you have a dog at home, spend more time with it: Walk it more often, play with it, pet it, etc.


4. Do the cleaning


While this may seem like a chore that repels many people, cleaning is a simple and useful trick to reduce stress. Not only do you burn calories while cleaning but you gently get rid of stress.


What can you do ? If you are a man and you do not have the habit of cleaning, ask yourself where and when you can schedule this noble task. You could do the cleaning at the office, at home, in the attic or in your garage.


5. Take a stroll


One of the best ways to combat stress is to walk, take a stroll. Walking helps your body to produce endorphins that make you feel good. Walking in picturesque places helps to raise the mood. In addition, a brisk walk of about 30 minutes daily can reduce your stress level significantly.


What can you do ? If you get up early in the morning, take a short walk before going to work. If not, do it while returning from work. If you have a lawn and it’s summer, do not miss the opportunity to mow the lawn, it de-stresses too !

6. Sing aloud


When was the last time you sang out loud and from the bottom of your heart ? Serious studies show that singing can make you feel happier and reduce stress. It matters little whether you sing well or badly-the main thing is to release the tensions of the day or worse all week. Song benefits your breathing, heart and immune system greatly.


What can you do ? Organize a karaoke with friends and ‘let off some steam!’ In addition, you will have fits of giggles which will naturally help to relieve stress.


7. Take a deep breath … of lavender


Having some sessions of deep breathing is not a new thing in managing stress ! But did you know that there is a more effective tip :

Rub a small handful of lavender flowers or basil leaves between your hands and deeply inhale the fragrances which escape. Do it often as lavender and basil exert anxiolytic and anti- stress effects, which is not insignificant.


8. Hug and cuddle


If you use stress as an excuse to abstain from sex, you are very wrong ! Studies have revealed that, on the contrary, making love helps to release endorphins and is a great way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Sex reduces blood pressure and boosts self-esteem. Cuddling also help you sleep better.


9. Listen to music


In one study, scientists observed students who listened to soft music while performing a stressful task. Music is capable of lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. It also results in a positive effect on stress : it is reduced considerably.


What can you do ? Have you thought about combining walking, visiting beautiful scenery and listening to soothing music to reduce stress and depression ? It really works !


10. What you should not do …


Smoking a cigarette, drinking one or more glasses of alcohol, eating more than usual, sleeping more than usual, spending hours watching TV or in front of the computer screen, taking anti-stress medication, and isolating themselves from friends and family are some of the strategies some use to reduce and relieve stress.


What do you think ? Are these strategies good ? In the short term, you actually notice a reduction in stress, but it is only TEMPORARY ! These strategies cause more long term damage than good on physical and mental health.


Author : Alexis ROGER

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