Sciatic Nerve Pain - Natural Remedy from Ginger

Sciatic Nerve Pain


Do you feel a sharp, stabbing pain in the lower back, buttock and thigh that extends to the feet and toes ?

Does the pain becomes more intense when you cough or sneeze and when you bend or stretch ?

Do you feel sometimes stinging or tingling in the calf ?

These few signs or symptoms are characteristic of the manifestation of sciatica.

Is there a natural way to cure or relieve the pain ?

Let us briefly recall why and how sciatica manifests itself, before revealing an ancient medicinal recipe to you that brings immediate relief.

The Sciatic Nerve


Sciatica is a nerve disorder that causes pain in the lower back and legs. Its name comes from the sciatic nerve, the longest and largest nerve of the body. The diameter of the sciatic nerve is equivalent to that of a finger.


This nerve ensures the motility and sensitivity of the entire lower limb: hip, thigh, leg and foot. It is formed by the joining of the nerve roots from the spinal cord to eventually extend to the knee. From there, it splits into two smaller branches that extend to the foot and toes.


The fact that the sciatic nerve is particularly long makes it more vulnerable to pressure or injury, causing pain.




Sciatic neuralgia, better known as sciatica, is usually severe pain that comes on suddenly. The pain most often affects one side of the body, felt along the sciatic nerve.


The pain often starts in the lumbar region and moves towards the buttock, thigh, leg and foot. Sciatica is fortunately not dangerous, but the pain in the lumbar region and lower back prevents the patient from performing daily tasks.


Causes of sciatica


High pressure, injury, inflammation or muscle spasm in the nerve are all possible causes triggering sciatica. In most cases, however, the problem is a spinal disc or disc herniation which compresses one or the other of the five roots of the sciatic nerve.


Conventional Treatment for Sciatica


In most cases, a conventional therapy with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil ®, Motrin ®) or acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin ® ) is useful. In severe cases, surgery is required to remove a herniated disc or a bone arthritis and relieve pressure on the nerve. With rest, reduced activity, and various precautions, sciatica usually regulates itself.

Natural Treatment Using The Virtues Of Ginger


Ginger (Zingiber officinale) contains phenols and oleoresins including ginginol, which possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties (acetylsalicylic acid comparable) helpful for calming local pain.


If you cannot stand anti-inflammatory medicinal products, then try this natural remedy consisting of a homemade ginger poultice.


Natural Remedy: Ginger Poultice


This natural poultice not only relieves sciatica but also LBP or sprain in the foot that has no hematoma or inflammation.


  • Water
  • Powdered or finely chopped Ginger


  • Boil ½ liter of water
  • Add two tablespoons ginger
  • Mix well with a wooden spoon.

Procedure :

  • Allow the mixture to cool slightly (to avoid burning) and soak in it a piece of clean cloth made of natural fibers, squeeze it out slightly and apply on the aching body part.
  • Cover the swab with another dry cloth (preferably wool) to avoid the compress from cooling too quickly. Use a band in order to keep the compress in place.
  • Please repeat this several times a day if necessary.


It is possible to rub the painful area with a mixture of almond oil and ginger essential oil.

Stir just two to three drops of essential oil of ginger into a little oil, no more! The relief is immediate and guaranteed!


Consult a doctor immediately if the pain lasts more than three weeks or if the pain increases.

Author : Alexis ROGER

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