Mental Exercises For Stress - 4 Relaxation Techniques

Mental Exercises For Stress


How does your day start ?

Do you begin by reminding yourself of all that concerns you lately ?

Shortly after awakening in the morning, do you already feel stressed in thinking about negative things ?

If your answer is yes, you do yourself much harm. We will explain briefly the danger of always thinking negatively.

Then find out how to learn to control your stress by practicing mental exercises.

Chronic Stress Puts Your Health At Risk


We all have challenges and obstacles to overcome, and sometimes the psychological pressure is too hard to bear. Stress is a state of at times both physical and psychological, tension which is often due to an inadequate way of handling the pressure.


Is stress always harmful ?

As noted by Dr. Melissa Stöppler, « a bit of stress and tension is sometimes beneficial. A slight stress felt in carrying out a project or fulfilling a mission often forces one to do a good job and to use up energy. »


On the contrary, if the stress is poorly controlled, it can turn into a state of anxiety and affect the correct function of body organs.


When stress increases and becomes permanent, it affects almost all organs and body functions negatively: the brain, nervous system, heart, pancreas, liver, blood flow, hormone levels, the digestive system, the kidneys and muscle function.


The negative and chronic stress may be responsible for the following diseases: cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, muscle pain in the neck and back, baldness, asthma, nervous tics, impotence, menstrual irregularities, colitis, gastritis, diabetes, loss or increased appetite, loss or increase in body weight.


5 Minutes Of Daily Mental Exercise To Reduce Stress


Before or after breakfasting, choose to practice the exercises mentioned below for about 5 minutes. These exercises can help you to overcome stress and anxiety.


1. First Mental Exercice to Reduce Stress _


On a sheet of paper, begin to list of all the things that you love to do, those that bring you pleasure, joy, comfort, peace of mind and security, which liberate you and give you a reason to live.


While writing each activity, let yourself be overwhelmed by all the feelings and emotions that these activities bring you. Think about the next opportunity to participate in one of them.


Benefits of exercise : This exercise will help you not to focus your mind solely on the challenges you face at work or at home. It allows you to cultivate the joy of life even if you go through difficult times which tend to stress you out. You will overcome more easily the anxiety that usually develops when stress is poorly controlled.


2. SECOND Mental Exercice to Reduce Stress _


Try to discover « extraordinary » things among the « normal » routine of your daily activities. In the morning when you wake up, make a concentrated effort to discover the often imperceptible things which deserve your attention, the little things that will make you smile and will help you to be happy.


Forget for a moment the responsibilities which you will have to assume in the day. Rather look to distinguish, for example, the wonderful song of a bird outside in your window. Which bird is it ?

You may have never seen it, but as you approach the window, you can now see and describe it. Observe the beauty of its plumage. This bird does not stress itself, it lives in harmony with nature. Who gives it its food ? Yet it lacks nothing !


De-stress yourself by filling your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts. This is just one example. I’m sure you’ll start to discover many small amazing things that cross your path.


Benefits of exercise: This exercise will help you to detach yourself momentarily from mandatory activities (work, family responsibility, etc.) to glimpse a different world, a world of « miracles. » The smile of your baby is one, and a gorgeous sunset is another! Stop putting yourself out for a strict or grumpy boss and let admiration for the world around you grow in your heart (this world is a little larger than the company where you work!) This will help you to drive away the tension and to reduce the level of stress. This is somehow a natural antidote against negative stress. Goodbye anxiety and hello contentment!


3. THIRD Mental Exercice to Reduce Stress _


On a sheet of paper, make a list of all the good things that happened to you last week.


Benefits of exercise: Reviewing enjoyable events in your life will help you to relativize the importance of activities that stress you out and agonize you. You start your day by being more confident and happy.


4. FOURTH Mental Exercice to Reduce Stress _


Breathe by focusing on your breath. Breathe naturally, and do not try to force your breathing. Do not think about anything other than what happens in your body.


Benefits of exercise: Focusing on your breathing helps you to be aware of the present moment instead of regretting having erred in the past or worrying about the future. It is a simple exercise that requires you to focus on only one goal.


It will help you learn to control your daily thoughts and pursue goals worth the effort, which can give you peace, joy and contentment. When a stressful situation occurs, look for a place somewhat isolated and quiet and practice this exercise for a few minutes.


Reduce stress with herbal therapy


I recommend a dietary supplement that contains 100% natural marine magnesium, royal jelly, poppy, passionflower and propolis. It will help you overcome stress without any side effects!


Here are some details on its ingredients:

Magnesium is a mineral that is often lacking in the diet of many people. It ensures the transmission of nerve impulses and preserves neuromuscular function. This is an element that plays an anti-stress acts in relaxing the nervous system.


Royal Jelly increases vitality. It stimulates good humor and drives away stress

Alkaloids contained in the poppy act as anti-stressants by getting rid of nervousness, anxiety and oversensitivity.

Passionflower promotes serenity.

Propolis is rich in trace elements and improves the natural defenses of the body.


Author : Alexis ROGER

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