Lose Belly Fat Fast - Chitosan for Weight Loss

Lose Belly Fat Fast


Some people are not affected as much by their general rotundity, but by the accumulated fat in the abdomen.

If this is your case, you might need an efficient way to burn those fats.

The ideal situation would be continuing to eat at will while avoiding the assimilation of fat by the digestive system.

This would be like a fairy tale. Yet there is indeed a natural substance that plays an interesting role in this regard.

It seems a really shared secret! Let’s see what it is!

Chitin and Crustaceans


Chitin, a polysaccharide isolated from the mushroom, was discovered by Mr. Henry Braconnot, a French chemist, about two centuries ago. Later, chitin was found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans and other arthropods (crabs and lobsters). Chitin can be chemically converted into chitosan. a more useful product.


Chitosan for Weight Loss


Chitosan is a chemical substance having a structure somewhat similar to cellulose. It is known as the ‘fat lover’ or ‘fat magnet’ through its willingness to bind with lipids. It can immobilize an amount of grease up to 10 times its own weight!


Advantages of Chitosan


As you probably know, the human body cannot assimilate fibers. When a person take a dietary supplement of chitosan, the substance passes through the digestive system by binding itself to fat and finally, the two substances are eliminated in the feces. Result: you no longer put on weight!

Disadvantages of Chitosan


In theory, chitosan is the perfect natural product for all those and all those who want to lose both weight and fat around the hips. But there has been much controversy about its effectiveness. The problem is that studies in recent years have been conducted solely on animals.


Yet in humans, it seems that it would not block lipids well. There are many promoters who boast about the merits of chitosan, while discreet scientists remain highly skeptical!


On the other hand, a long-term supplement of chitosan might cause a decrease in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E and K), and certain essential minerals (such as calcium and magnesium).


Where can I get chitosan ?


In health food stores. It is also possible to order it via the internet. For more details, please click on Chitosan Capsules.


The Role of Fiber in a Weight-Loss Diet


Fibers that contain the fruits mentioned above have the advantage of promoting satiety and delaying hunger pangs, consequently limiting the risk of overeating and preventing the risk of overweight and obesity.


Author : Alexis ROGER

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