Iron rich Juice for Anemia - Recipe - Increase Hemoglobin Levels

Iron rich Juice for Anemia


Iron is very important in maintaining many body functions, including the production of hemoglobin, the molecule in your blood that carries oxygen.

Iron deficiency anemia develops when body stores of iron drop too low to support normal red blood cell (RBC) production.

It’s important to ensure you consume enough iron-rich foods.

Here’s a natural remedy for anemia you can try. I m going to teach you a recipe of a natural iron rich juice able to increase HEMOGLOBIN levels in a few days!

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Before mixing the 8 ingredients, you should start squeezing an orange and hydrate proteins of soya by adding water.


IRON rich Juice – Recipe for anemia

  • 50 g ➤ Carrot (0.15 mg iron)
  • 100 g ➤ Banana (0.26 mg)
  • 200 g ➤ Orange juice (0.40 mg)
  • 100 g ➤ Blackberries (0.60 mg)
  • 200 g ➤ Raw Beetroot (1.60 mg)
  • 100 g ➤ Spinach (2.70 mg)
  • 100 g ➤ Parsley (4.65 mg)
  • 100 g ➤ Soy protein (15 mg)

How much iron content in this juice ?


This juice contains about 25 milligrams of iron.


Effects of Vitamin C on Iron Absorption


Vitamin C acts as a reducing agent to facilitate iron absorption from the GI tract and to enable its mobilization from storage.


Good food sources of Vitamin C include blackberries, parsley and oranges.

The vitamin C and iron combine to form an iron chelate complex, which increases the solubility of iron in the small intestine, resulting in increased uptake across the mucus membranes of the duodenum.


For this reason, the vitamin C must be consumed at the same time as the iron in order to be effective.

Effects of Vitamin A on Iron Absorption


Beta-carotene in foods can be turned into vitamin A in your body. It plays a critical role in increasing iron absorption.


Good food sources of beta-carotene and vitamin A include carrots, spinach and oranges.


Author : Alexis ROGER

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