Improve the Eye Vision - 12 Tips and Exercises

Improve the Eye Vision


Do you suffer from eye fatigue, eye irritation or headaches ? Do you feel like a victim of a decrease in visual acuity ? In this case, what can you do to improve vision ?


I give you 12 tips that include exercises and hygiene that will help in maintaining the eyesight in a sustainable manner.

12 Tips and Exercises to Improve the Eyesight


1. Allergy and allergic conjunctivitis


A simple relaxation exercise is to quickly rub your palms against each other in order to produce heat on the skin. Close your eyes and gently place your palms over your eyes and let them relax for a few tens of seconds. Take this quick relaxation exercise every time you have a little free time, this will help to protect and improve the eyesight.


2. Blinking the eyes frequently


Another very beneficial tip that helps to improve the eyesight is to blink the eyelids voluntarily and regularly. Squinting is a very simple way to keep your eyes fit and avoid eyestrain. Computer users tend to blink rarely. If you work on a computer screen for hours, try to intentionally blink the eyes every three or four seconds to help the formation of a new tear film before the breaking of the previous one.


3. Focus on something far away


Most people who work on a computer screen suffer some small troubles with blurred vision, especially when they begin to focus on an object in the distance. To improve vision and correct this eyesight problem, it is advisable to look at an object in the distance for about 5 seconds every 30 minutes.


4. Wash your eyes regularly


When you feel that your eyes are tired, go to the toilet and wash your eyes thoroughly with fresh water. Make it a habit to do it as often as you need to. This is certainly a simple little trick, but it helps to relieve eyestrain. In the long term, you keep a sharp vision.


5. Yoga of the eyes!


Sit comfortably and try to relax for a moment. Now do this little exercise to improve the flexibility of the eyes. Imagine that just 3 meters in front of you, there is there a huge figure 8, 3 to 4 meters high. Now draw the figure ‘8’ by using your eyes. Eye movements should be performed slowly. Once the exercise: ‘Eye Yoga’ is finished, do it again in the opposite direction.

6. Exercising the zoom to improve the accommodation of the eye


Another exercise to improve vision is to put a thumb on each other and reach out horizontally in front of you. Focus your eyes on the thumb. Then slowly move your thumb off the face while staring at it. As the effect of an optical zoom can enlarge or shrink an object, move your thumb and turn your eyes away. This exercise works the ciliary muscles and the accommodation to ensure the sharpness of images. The lens is forced to bend on both sides, another trick to take care of his eyes and to improve its view!


7. Morning walk for the well-being of the eyes


A morning walk is not only a good start before going to work, it is also a habit that is good for the eyes. It refreshes the eyes and relaxes them in a soft, natural light.


8. Adjust the brightness of the computer screen


Untimely brightness can cause great eyestrain and even migraines in some people who work long hours on a computer screen. Adjust the brightness and contrast of your computer screen to an acceptable level for your visual comfort. This is another trick to ensure the health of your eyes and to improve vision.


9. Sleep, the best ally of the eyes


Have you noticed that when you are sleep deprived, your eyes become red, they sting, and vision is blurred ? It becomes difficult to even keep the eyes open. Sleep is important for the function of all organs of the body, including the eyes. Sleep helps improve vision. Make it a habit to get enough sleep.


10. Protect the eyes from UV rays


Protect your eyes from UV rays. Ultraviolet UV A rays are the most dangerous for the eyes, as they can affect the lens in adults and the retina in children. Wear sunglasses that offer good UV protection, your eyes will thank you and you’ll be able to preserve good eyesight.

11. Foods that improve vision …


To improve vision, specific nutritional and vitamin intake is essential for the eyes. Eat carrots, kale, apricots and other foods rich in beta-carotene foods. Also regularly eat foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two pigments found in abundance in green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli and lettuce. Eat fish rich in omega-3, liver rich in vitamin A, and fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. Drink plenty of water.


12. Increase blood circulation in the eye


An exercise for increasing blood flow in the eye region and improving vision is nodding up and down as if you were nodding to someone.

Author : Alexis ROGER



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