How To Make Hair Grow Faster - 10 Tips

How To Make Hair Grow Faster


Looking for simple tips to implement to make your hair grow faster ? It is relatively easy to get a long and healthy hair by following these 10 hair care tips :


How To Make Hair Grow Faster


1. Avoid using setting gel (or setting foam) and other artificial hair products. It is not recommended to use a curling iron; which has the disadvantage of irritating the hair with excessive heat. By applying these simple tips you avoid the appearance of numerous split or divided hair ends, which prevent healthy hair growth.


2. Go to the hairdresser every 3-4 months for a trim in order to cut the split ends. Please bear in mind that these trims will not prevent you from having long hair; the hair grows extremely fast at 1 to 2 cm per month depending on the person.


3. Make sure that the hair beauty products that you use are organic. Many chemicals found in cosmetics are certainly harmful to the hair’s health. Do not just rely on a well-known brand for, after carefully reading the ingredients, you will be surprised to find irritating chemical substances.


4. Do not dye your hair. It could accelerate the aging of the hair unless, of course, one is using only 100% natural dyes free of synthetic dyes, fragrances or petro-chemical preservatives.


5. Water makes up about 60% of our body weight. Water is vital both for the body and for the hair. Drink lots of water! So please eat foods rich in various vitamins and minerals (especially fruits and vegetables). Good diet is essential for beautiful, fast growing hair.


6. Regularly shampoo gently to get rid of excess oil and dandruff. But be careful not to overdo showers and shampoos that will, as a result, dry out your hair! Use 100% natural shampoos without PEG, paraben, EDTA or synthetic products.


7. This may sound strange, but stress has negative effects on the hair. So if you’re stressed out sometimes, have relaxation sessions. This will also help to ensure that your hair grows faster and stays healthy.



8. You lose a lot of hair. Is your hair weak and brittle ? It is likely that your body lacks silica. Silica is a little-publicised mineral which plays a very important role in strengthening the structure of nails and hair. Silica increases their rate of growth, reduces seborrhea and maintains the moisture balance of the scalp. A regular intake of a food supplement silica help curb hair loss.


Tabashir Bamboo is a natural south Indian traditional remedy from Bengal. The extract of Bamboo sap is a natural source of silica easily assimilated by the body. This richness is a remineralizing nutritional supplement of choice for fragile and damaged hair.


9. Cystine, a sulfur amino acid, plays a key role in the synthesis of keratin fibers, components of the hair.


The B vitamins, especially biotin (vitamin B8 ) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5 ) accelerate hair growth.


The mineral sulfur contributes to the hair remaining soft and silky and prevents it from breaking. Furthermore, sulfur protects the hair from the spread of microscopic organisms.

Zinc plays, meanwhile, an important role in cell division and hair growth.


► Instead of buying supplements of cystine, biotin, pantothenic acid, sulfur and zinc, I would rather recommend a comprehensive natural supplement : SPIRULINA.

Why ? Spirulina is a microscopic alga rich in essential amino acids ( 60 %), including cystine, vitamins ( contains all the B vitamins ), minerals (phosphorus , magnesium, iron , zinc, copper , manganese, chromium , sodium, potassium , selenium) which has the advantage of being a 100% natural product.


10. Make a habit of massaging your scalp to stimulate blood circulation, and thus the oxygenation of cells. New hairs thus grow faster!


Author : Alexis ROGER

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