How to Fix Split Ends - Tips & Home Remedies

How to Fix Split Ends -


Many women complain treated hair to have split ends and looking for ways to get rid of. What is a split end ? What are the causes? Are there any treatments or effective natural remedies to stop split ends ? What tips can you take to prevent this hair problems ?

Forked hair, trichoptilosis and trichoclasis


Two medical terms are generally used to describe the symptom of forked hair or split end.


We talk about trichoptilosis when the end of hair is divided into two or cracked along its length. It is so to speak a fork at the end or tip of the hair. At this point, the hair is split and dried. In some cases, the tip is at the ends of the damaged hair, giving three branches.


The term trichoclasis is mentioned when the slotted end of the hair is tapered like the bristles of a brush. It is, in this case, a more severe form of trichoptilosis.


In both cases, trichoptilosis and trichoclasis, hair is often dry and brittle.


Causes of split ends in the hair


What are the most common causes of forks at the tips of the hair ? Split ends occur when the cuticle at the end of the hair is damaged.


What is the hair cuticle? The cuticle is actually an outer sheath of the hair consisting of keratin, whose main role is protecting it from external aggressions and allowing it to retain moisture.


What can damage the hair cuticle ? Vigorous brushing while the hair is still wet, the use of aggressive and alkaline styling products, bleaching, coloring, perms, relaxers, sun exposure, improper use of hair dryer, an unbalanced diet, lack of sebum are all factors that can contribute to damage the hair cuticle and cause the appearance of split ends.


How to fix split ends – 9 Tips for preventing them


1) Handling of hair in the shower


When you’re in the shower, instead of piling your hair on top of the head and rubbing vigorously , it is best to only massage the scalp with a little shampoo. Do not worry, the rest of the hair is inevitably washed by rinsing with the soapy water ! This gentle handling of the hair prevents the occurrence of split ends.


2) Frequency shampoos


Some women usually wash their hair every day. The hairs’ hygiene is certainly important but what do hair experts think about it ? According to them, too frequent washing is bad for the hair, as it helps to deplete the amount of sebum occurring naturally in the scalp.


The sebum produced by the scalp plays an important role in helping to moisturize the hair naturally. Frequently washing the hair helps to dry out the hair and to produce split ends. Wash your hair only once every 2 or 3 days.


3) Shampoo and good quality conditioners


Do not use any shampoo ! Choose a shampoo that respects the nature of your hair. Very cheap shampoos usually contain aggressive washing components and little or no natural moisturizing agents. This type of shampoo contributes to the problem of split ends.


4) Brushing or combing wet hair ?


Since a brush can tear and break wet hair, it is far better to use a wide-toothed comb.


5) Disentangling dry hair


Once your hair has become dry, the most gentle way to completely untangle the hair is by using a broad brush. This will help prevent split ends.


6)Prevent split ends during sleep


During sleep, the hair undergoes sudden movements which could damage it to a degree and may contribute to the appearance of split ends. To avoid this, some women find it helpful to sleep on a satin pillowcase to facilitate movements that accompany sleep and reduce stretching the hair.


7) Protect your hair from heat


Although the hair dryer, curling iron and hot rollers are practical accessories used for hair styling, they have nevertheless the disadvantage of being sometimes responsible for the appearance of split ends. If you absolutely need to use heat to style your hair from time to time, then use a protective spray or serum before styling.


8)Protect your hair from chemicals


Many chemicals enclosed in shampoos tend to dry the hair and damage the hair cuticles, thus making them vulnerable to split ends. Perming, bleaching, coloring, dyes, relaxers may also be responsible for the occurrence of split ends. The chlorine contained in pools also damages the hair.


9) Protect your hair from the sun


The sun’s UV rays are just as harmful to the skin as for the hair. UV rays dry and damages hair cuticles. Make it a habit, then, to wear a hat. There are also products containing capillaries sunscreens.


5 treatments or natural remedies for split ends


1) Mayonnaise


A mask of mayonnaise may seem something repulsive to apply on the hair, but that is a 100 % effective cure for treating split ends.


David Dines, the owner of a famous hairdresser’s in New York, recommends applying a good mayonnaise (homemade mayonnaise if possible) on the entire hair and leave the mask on for an hour, taking care to cover the head with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.


2) Keratin and Protein


The trichoptilosis (split ends) and trichoclasis (sharp points) occur when the hair cuticle is damaged externally. However, the cuticle is composed of several layers of keratin scales, a fibrous protein consisting of long chains of amino acids.


One solution for repairing split ends is to strengthen the keratin. Because yeast is rich in B vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals, it is recommended to treat the problems of split hair naturally and internally.


3) High organic range Shampoo


We have already mentioned the great importance of using good shampoos which do not contain chemicals that attack the hair and cuticle. If you are interested in purchasing organic shampoos , here’s an interesting link.


4) Serum for ‘dry tips’


Argan oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, camellia oil and safflower oil have softening, smoothing and revitalizing properties. There is a serum made up of all these oils that gives your hair protection, shine and flexibility. This serum is designed to repair split ends.


5) Hair Oil by Dr. Hauschka


Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetic preparations belong to a range of natural and organic products which are all famous. This brand has created a hair oil extract of neem leaves, oil, wheat germ and essential oils.

This oil is an intensive conditioning treatment that can repair damaged hair and split ends. It must be applied and allowed to take effect for at least twenty minutes before washing the hair with a mild and natural shampoo.


6) Cut the tips, the radical solution !


In some cases, it is preferable to cut the split ends every six weeks. To make this little refreshment, cut hair 1 or 2 cm above the forks.


Author : Alexis ROGER


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