Homemade Anti Aging Cream - Centella asiatica & Wrinkles

Homemade Anti Aging Cream


Are you looking for a homemade recipe and natural recipe which is effective and able to get rid of even the small wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and face ?


We will briefly recap the role of collagen. We will speak a little of the properties of the Centella Asiatica, before giving you an anti-wrinkle recipe easy to prepare at home and which has proved itself.

The role of collagen


Your skin has the advantage of healing itself permanently. About every 28 days, the cells of the epidermis is completely replaced. Under the epidermis is the dermis, which is composed of blood vessels, nerve endings, and conjunctive tissue. The dermis nourishes the epidermis and plays also the role of the skin’s supporting tissue.


The dermis is made of cells (fibroblasts) that manufacture two types of protein fibres: collagen and elastin. The collagen gives the skin its resistance to tensions and tractions. Elastin, as is indicated by its name, gives the skin its elastic properties.


Why do Wrinkles appear as One ages ?


1. The collagen fibres harden little by little and the number of elastin fibres lessen.


2. The sebaceous glands produce much less sebum which contributes to the dehydration (drying) of the skin. The skin becomes dehydrated, thinner and finally wrinkles.


Properties of Centella Asiatica on Wrinkles


Centella Asiatica, also known as Gotu Kola, is a creeping plant of Asiatic and African origin belonging to the Umbelliferae family.


Many studies have confirmed the beneficial effect of the Centella Asiatica plant in the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes. A synergistic action of different active ingredients contained in the plants (especially triterpene compounds) gives it anti-wrinkle and healing properties.


For example, it has been shown that molecule contained in the Centella Asiatica, by the name of Asiaticoside, stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibres in the skin.


Result : the skin becomes firmer and smoother!

Recipe for a natural anti-wrinkle cream made from Centella Asiatica


This anti-wrinkle cream is appropriate not only for wrinkles but also for scars and skin blemishes, because the Centella contributes to the formation of collagen fibres and to the elasticity of the skin.


Ingredients :

  • 3 pinches of Centella Asiatica leaves
  • 2 tablespoons of almond oil
  • 25 grams of virgin beeswax
  • 7 drops of lavender essential oil
  • a dash of Primrose oil

Preparation :

In a small casserole, heat the almond oil with the centella leaves at low temperature, very slowly on to boiling. Filter the oil now full of the active ingredients of centella asiaitica leaves through a strainer, then add the virgin beeswax (Melted beforehand in microwave oven), the evening primrose oil and the lavender essence.


Apply the cream to the face and leave for about 15 minutes. Remove the beauty treatment with tepid water.


List of oils with recognised anti-wrinkle properties


Prickly pear oil: Because of its light and non-oily texture, prickly pear oil tightens the tissues of the skin. It is the ideal anti-wrinkle that suits all types of skin.


Evening Primrose Oil: Evening Primrose Oil acts against water loss surface layer of the epidermis and regenerates the skin. This is what makes it an excellent anti-wrinkling agent.


Borage seed oil: High in essential fatty acids, borage oil allows a good moisturising of the epidermis. It smooths, firms, and regenerate the skin. It is also a remarkable anti-wrinkle agent. In addition, fights against brittle nails, dry hair, and stretch marks.


Argan oil: Argan oil helps the fight against psychological and physiological ageing by re-dynamicizing the skin and by activating the vital functions of cells, it is recommended for the balance of dry and dehydrated skin.


Rosier Muscat vegetable oil: Rosier Muscat vegetable oil contains a great amount of poly-unsaturated fats that help the regeneration of the cells and contributes to its’ suppleness. This regenerative property makes it an excellent agent in the fight against the effects of age on the skin.


Author : Alexis ROGER

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